About Me

Strong, Smart and beautifully Southern….

I am strong. The past have couple of years pushed me into situations I never thought possible and forced me into choices that I never wanted to make but I managed to make it through it all. I had to say good-bye to one life and dig down and find and new one and this one keeps teaching me how strong I truly am.

Guess what, I am pretty smart too. I studied Interior Design and also have a Business Degree. I am not a genius; and algebra still gives me the willies but I can figure percentages while shopping at light speed and divide fractions (as in a recipe) like a mad woman on crack. After getting a late start in the career world I am fortunate to be a professional in an industry that involves my love of fashion and cosmetics while also using my business degree.

And probably, most decidedly I am Southern. I am a Belle…a Southern Belle.  I die for monograms, magnolias, cotton fields, sweet tea, Spanish moss, azaleas, biscuits, front porches, tailgating, manners, Southern fashion designers, babies in smocking, and the smell of pluff mud. I was a sorority girl, who reared a sorority girl and have boys who plan to marry sorority girls, and I know pearls go with everything.

I am a Divorced Mom to 3 children. I say children, but my daughter, DD, is the oldest at 23. She is followed by my oldest son (DS1) who is 18 and baby boy (DS2)  is 13…so children might not be the best word but it makes me feel better. We also share our family with a sweet blonde cocker spaniel named Macy who seems to find naps the best form of recreation and just recently we added a German Shepard puppy (oh law!) named S.C. to the bunch so we are all adjusting to THAT!

I am a Social Media junkie but not a computer techie. Exercise is not my friend. I love flowers and gardens and on occasion, cooking. Books are my weakness and escape. I wish on stars and love nothing better than laying on a quilt looking at the moon. I am learning patience and to wait while also trying to travel more because I want to see more of the world as soon as possible...before the time is up. I have met more new friends in the past year than the entire decade before and they have often been what got me through the day.  I am all about conquering fears and moving ahead with my new life...anyone want to teach me to paddle board?

Oh...and I have a bit of a problem with aging…especially that gracefully part.


southerninspiration said...

And you are hilarious! I sure would love to have a few days with you..why don't you come decorate my house??? I cook well, and you would be happy to know I would NOT make you exercise. :D
Love you!

Nancy said...

You are beautiful, inside and out! Wish we could hang out more often.