Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Naming Contest!

So, I have decided I do want to pursue a new blog with a different feel, which I hope to show growth and transparency in my life and heart and also share the things that I still love even after the hard year I have faced.   I don't want Southern Somedays to go totally away because it recorded my life for years, the life I had always dreamed of and loved....until the very end. But I also lost a lot of myself in the pain of the past year so I am hoping to refocus and share that transformation.  It won't always be pretty and filled with bubble gum and roses and I am sure there are those out there that would rather not read some of the words that may tumble out but it is my story, my life.

There was a while where it was easy to overlook what I  really love, what I really enjoy and what I just think is just fun and now is the time to do some rediscovery. But without a name, I am feeling help me out!  If I pick your suggested name and/or tagline (you must leave in a comment!) I will send you Talbot's new, amazing fragrance roller ball.  I am in love with this perfume and think it is perfect!   You will receive Talbot's new signature fragrance in a travel-ready .25oz fragrance rollerball. Timeless, feminine and modern, this new scent exudes an easy elegance with a fresh, floral and fruity bouquet. 

Can you tell I really love it???  So fire up those creative juices and help me find a new blog name so I can get that new blog up and designed!

P.S. Comments and suggestions left on the previous post will be considered as entries as well!  Thanks!!!


Sues said...

I'm so excited to read more suggestions!!!

Laura Jane Spanhanks said...

I'm so, so glad you aren't abandoning blogging. You have so much more wisdom to impart!!!!