Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wordless Wednesday



daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

I always love your pictures!! It's just something about the b/w.

Thanks for your sweet words. You are so welcome. It friends like you who make it worthwhile.

Thanks again for playing along, linking up and linking back!

Mucho Love!

Amy said...

I love everything about old pictures. I especially enjoy looking at the backgrounds or the little things that just happen to show up in the picture. I think the 'little' things show a more accurate description of what life was like then.

LOVE IT! said...

Thanksgiving dinner??? Love the picture!!!

Only Prettier said...

I adore your this one.
Have a great week!

Dizzy C said...

Fab photo!

What a feast!


simply kim said...

nice party you got there! and its being in black and white makes it more charming. thanks for sharing!

Hines-Sight said...

Happy Wednesday!!