Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Mail Day! Thank you, Vera Bradley

It was a very happy mail day, today! The latest issue of Vera Bradley Magazine came!!!


Southern Heart said...

I love finding my favorites in the mail, too...kind of makes your day, doesn't it?

Beaufort Belle said...

Got my catalog (well DD's) and Southern Accents at the same time. Oh glorious day!

Renee said...

Hi there,
Suzanne sent me the link to your blog and Judy's as well. Thank you so much for the warm welcome at lunch last Saturday and for letting me tag along with your group. Have a great week!

Julie said...

I just went to her website -- she has such beautiful things!
I loooooove the Sunflower Red majolica dishware!

I'm going to have to look for her magazine -- never seen it in our bookstore. Thanks for introducing her to me!


Belle-ah said...
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Mom on the Run said...

I thought her outfit looks like something I had in college (it's a skirt, but I thought it looked like shorts!) Only I would've been wearing kneesocks and penny loafers, not tights and boots!

I didn't realize that you could order stuff off the VB website until today--wow, to think I spent all that time running all over looking for certain things!

Jen said...

I Didn't know that Vera Bradley had a mag, so this gives me something new and exciting to check out! Hope that you are enjoying this gorgeous week!

Jenny said...

I haven't got mine yet, I'm jealous!
I may have to stop blogging and go look at the website!

Have a great night!