Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Me and Art....

***photo taken by DD


Yes, DH....art.

Please click to enlarge and read about this art....

High Art

Sunday afternoon found us with no little boys to entertain so we (DH, DD &I) decided to spend the day at The High Museum of Art, http://www.high.org/. I had especially wanted to see the Annie Leibovitz photography exhibit (hey, I have a thing for photography...did you guess?) and it seemed like a good day to do it. Anyway, The High is always a treat but for us really way to much to do in one day so we kept to a few select galleries. My favorite of the day was not the Annie Leibovitz showing but rather the portraits painted by a woman, Cecelia Beaux (American Artist, 1855-1942). We had a lot of fun in the Contemporary Art Gallery.....
DD contemplates...red?
DH...he swears it is upside down (???)
Silly girl!
Do ya think he is close enough?

Fun with Fruit....

BIG artistic fruit, that is!

Art in the Dark....or Art with Daddy

These were some shots I took at The High Museum of DD and DH in the modern art gallery.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Growing up...

Just wondering why it has to happen so fast... how long before she takes that step off the edge into the world? Just the pondering of a Mom that just doesn't know where the time has gone.

THANK you, Sandy!!!

Have you ever just had your socks blessed off by someone you have never met??? Well, if not, let me tell you it is a treat beyond words. Last week was a bit rough around the edges for me and one day my mail lady rang the bell and handed me a package. I love getting packages, just makes me all excited!!!

When I opened it I was just thrilled (and so was my DD) as it was the cutest, cutest, cutest (did I say cute???) handmade cigar box purse made by Sandy over at I love to Dream, Live to Create, and Hope to Inspire http://dreamcreateinspire.blogspot.com/ !

She even sent us step by step instructions and some extra supplies to make more of these adorable purses on our own. Sandy is a wonderful artist and teacher and I hope to one day get to travel and sit in her classroom and attempt to paint some of the gorgeous projects she does. She is also a military wife, which in my mind, makes her 2nd TO NONE and I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices she and her family make for mine… hope she knows how thankful I am for that…and that cute, pink purse!

All we have left to do is insert DD's monogram into the little frame and it will be ready to roll!
Doncha love it?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"New" bedroom...

Last month, while DS1 was at camp, DH & I decided to redo his room as a surprise. He is at that "not ready for a big boy room" but not wanting to be locked into baby boy either. He is a Tweener and we tried to give him a balance between both worlds. His interests are in sports right now, but he doesn't have a particular favorite team so we decided to pull out DH's old sports pennant collection from the room he had as a little boy. We painted, added the extra wide black and white boarder and then layered the "antique" pennants on top. It was really neat because some of the teams represented are not longer called that or are in different cities...even the football ones sported helmets that don't have face masks like the more modern version.

I even went for the coolio multi-colored floor lamp for some spunk!
I had forgotten how much fun a plain old bulletin board can be. I made copies of lots of photos of family and his friends and stuck them up for him. He really seemed to like that. My DD has always done things like that for herself but I don't think my DS1 had thought about it and I hadn't either.
When we went to a festival a while back DS1 invested (why???) in a sword and in an attempt to actually incorporate it into the decor...and thus on the wall rather than in play...I hung it above his computer and framed this Bible Verse with it.
Now, I admit, this "tweener" look isn't quite my style but it does seem to suit him where he is. I am so pleased also that his room has stayed very neat since returning home from camp and finding his surprise!

Getting ready for school

This is my sweet, girl with her brand new lunch bag for school. I picked it up today, when the monogramming was finished. She and I share a love of all things monogrammed...might it be genetic? or maybe contagious?

Anyway, she is my preppy girl. I can't believe that I lucked up with a DD that loves preppiness as much -- or MORE -- than I do! It makes for some fun joint retail therapy.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Product that is so cool!

*photo used with permission http://www.archerinnovations.com/

Since it has been a slow week on the creative side I thought I would show y'all what I found this week. Aren't these cool? They are called Lappers and they have solved an age old problem. How many of you have been at someone's home for a party and picked up your plate/drink only to have to juggle to avoid an ugly mess???? Well, at least I know I have! Anyway...they solve the problem by not letting things go flying willy-nilly all over the place and they come in some really coolio colors, doncha thing? I read about them in Southwest Georgia Living magazine and really think these are a must for anyone who entertains, likes to eat away from the table or even for caretaking of someone who is not very mobile. You can find out more information on where to acquire your own Lappers at http://www.archerinnovations.com/. The best part is they were the brain child of an Ashley Hatcher (and no she isn't into design she created them out of necessity -- all the while being a wife/mother and holding a full time job as well) of Columbus, Georgia. I love hearing success stories about innovative Southern Belles! Not to mention we used to live in Columbus and I still have a major soft spot for the area which made me even more excited about Lappers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Katy!!!!

Tomorrow, my dear friend Katy (the Queen of Retail Therapy!) is having a birthday. I was hoping to find a photo of us together from "back in the day" to post here in honor of this special day but those must be in a box somewhere.

Katy is an Atlanta Shopper Extraordinaire and does a spot on the radio and also has a wonderful website http://katyshops.wordpress.com/ that shares her shopping finds with the rest of us.

So, if you have a minute will you please pop over and leave her a Happy Birthday comment? Thanks!!!!

It has been quiet around here.......

My boys have been away the last 2 nights and it has been such a different place -- a much quieter place. DD and I spent Monday evening in Atlanta shopping and enjoying all those shops that the boys just hate such as the Paper Affair (http://www.paperaffair.com/) and getting most of DD's school supplies taken care of.

Yesterday, she and I went to the Lake. She took a friend and quickly dissappeared so I spent most of the day beside the pool reading -- yes, reading! I didn't have to watch one little soul to make sure he didn't drown. I even had a really wicked lunch from the cafe...one of their super huge rice crispy treats! I laid there in my chair and just pretended to be a lady of lux that didn't have children to scamper after....boy, did I feel cool.

Today, while DD was at her Latin class I found a nice, shady bench on the square - of course, I had to snap a photo - and started the new book my sweet neighbor loaned me. I will tell ya more when I finish but from what little bit I read this morning it is going to be GREAT (it is another Charles Martin book!).

Afterwards, we both got our hair cut and went to lunch at Panera (http://www.panera.com/) and had their amazing Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad. Then we hit the bookstore, Office Depot for her a new fancy-smancy calculator and the uniform shop to pick up what new pieces she needs for school. On our way home, we stopped into one of our favorite little shops called Cozy Corner, where we finished off her school supplies by ordering a new hot pink monogrammed lunch tote and picked up a 50% off "initial" Olivia Mullin umbrella http://www.oliviamullin.com/products/pursenals.asp, and a 50% off Vera Bradly T-Shirt (http://verabradley.com/Site/Store/ProductDetail.aspx?dept=8&sku=572%3A100%3A0)! I do love a deal.

Although I have missed my boys, the quietness was much needed and I realized that I probably need more of it to regenerate myself on a regular basis. Tonight I will pick the little men up and tomorrow it will be back to life at full speed ahead and volume on HI!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Deals and inspiration!

Target Alert! When I was in there today they were having one of their wonderful "clearing it out" sales and all kinds of pretties could be had for a song! If you have heard my singing you understand the great value of such a sale! Anyway, I picked up these absolutely adorable, gorgeous napkins. I think I am in love and am now contemplating the perfect use of such perfect napkins. What I wouldn't give to find a fabric like these paper napkings...oh, what a cute skirt they would make!!!! They were less that $1 a pack so I picked them all up (sorry, I am not big on sharing). I will definately use one pack as napkins for DD's lunches when school starts to liven up her lunchtime and I am thinking a brunch for the girlfriends would be the other perfect use...hmmm. I think they may become my inspiration pattern...pinks and greens AND paisley.....just gives me the shivers!
Speaking of inspiration, I picked up this really fantastic book last week: Nesting, It's a Chick Thing by Ame Mahler Beanland & Emily Miles Terry. These are the same gals who have that cute site http://www.chickstyle.com/. It isn't a new book and has been out for a couple of years but it is just a great little book and would make a perfect wedding or graduation gift. Even though I have been "nesting" practically in an obsessive way for almost 19 years (YIKES...that is a long time when said like that) I still found it inspiring and motivational and really got some good tips from it.
I love the blurb on the front cover: "100 Tales, 1,000 Tips, and Endless Inspiration for women who seriously play house and garden (and hold pink poker nights)". Here is a must have list of things "every chick should have..." in our kitchen according to the authors (Mahler 183):
  • "Luxurious hand lotion next to her kitchen sink"
  • "A stereo in the kitchen to play tunes that inspire, calm, and cheer"
  • "At least one delicious frozen entree' in the freezer--for afternoons or evenings too fun to stand in front of the stove"
  • "A well-worn recipe card with a favorite family dish from a grandmother or other cherished relative"
  • "Pictures of family and friends on the refrigerator door"
  • "Someone to call if you get into a culinary fix"
  • "A hidden box or bag of some wonderful junk food"
  • "A signature specialty that you can whip up with one arm tied behind your back"
  • "Something distinctly 'you' in your kitchen--a frilly apron, an oven mit, or a trivet from a memorable trip"
  • "A beautiful bottle or tin of something deliciously refined and gourmet--like a limited-run estate-bottled olive oil or balsamic vinegar, or English tea biscuits in a vintage tin"
  • "A neighbor who will lend you an emergency cup of sugar or an egg."

Same hat, bigger boy

DH thought I should do a follow up photo of "the cowboy" taken on the day the hat was purchased in Florida, Mass-a-chew-etts -- Circa. 2003. What can I say...a hat will transform a person!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cowboys are intense....

Don't you agree?


The biggest man child has been at Lacrosse Camp this week. This is one sport I truly don't get but he loves it. I offered to let him stand in the yard while I whacked him with a stick and threw a pool table ball (yes, it is that hard and heavy) at him...for free...but he just didn't want to...go figure.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visitation...or high social season in the South!

Miss Lyndy over at http://ohfiddle-dee-dee.blogspot.com/ wrote a post about how Costco is selling caskets and since I have been less than motivated to write a post this week she got me to thinking about how I spent this past Monday night. Yes, dear friends…I had to go to a Viewing, or Visitation, depending on how you might want to label this particularly interesting experience.

Now for those not versed in Southern Vernacular 101, a Viewing/Visitation is when you make what pretty much amounts to a social call to the grieving family after the passing of their dear beloved. In general it is held in a Funeral Home parlor (yes…parlor). You get spiffed up --at least in theory, thus the need for a standard Funeral Home worthy outfit at the ready-- and go in and sign the guest book and then you make your way through the room telling the grieving family how sorry you are for their loss. Then, most folks make a visit to the open casket and tell the family what a good job the funeral home did in preparing their loved one. [This is the part of the whole funeral thing that gets me…good job????] A few months ago I accompanied my DH to a Visitation for the mother of one of his employees and, I swear to you, the husband of the dearly departed stood there and with a straight face told us that his recently departed wife looked better than she had in 20 years - 20 years! Now, if my DH (dear husband) says that about me when I am lying in a casket I hope lightning strikes him dead on the spot (or at least singes him a little bit – might not want to stand to close, just in case).

The practice of having the Visitation at the home of the dearly departed, with dearly departed set right there where the Christmas Tree usually goes, has become less “fashionable” in recent years, as has the all night “settin’ up with the body” (do I hear an “AAAAy Men”?) though not completely gone in certain circles. Thankfully, I don’t believe any of the members of my family are fond enough of each other to bother hauling anyone’s body “home” for a Visitation much less looking at it all night. I mean, we are proudly a Funeral Family and we get our infrequent “visitin’” done at the Funeral Home when some poor soul decides to go on to the pearly gates (or other location as the case may be).

You may be wondering why on earth I would go to a Viewing when I didn’t really know the dearly departed from Adam. Well, In the Southland, if you are vaguely related to, know, or are somehow connected to the deceased or any member of their family you go to Visitation or to the Funeral. It’s just what you do if you were raised right! Oh, and considering I could either pop into the Visitation for a bit or attend a funeral which might very well include 5 preachers in a possibly UN air-conditioned church on a Tuesday afternoon during July in Georgia…I was visitin’!!!
If you had been in my car when I pulled into that Funeral Home parking lot you would have understood. It was like a small, southern town’s version of the high season in Saratoga! It was the southern social season in full swing. The porch was full of folks enjoying and renewing their friendships and catching up on what could be years of gossip and, of course, paying their respects.

When I was in the Funeral Home...
(BTW, http://www.roperfuneralhome.com/ and they have a real nice selection of caskets on their site with options listed…yes, options...should you be in need and online shopping is so very popular these days not to mention I can attest to the fact that they do a real good job!)...
I began to really look at the lighting. Have you ever noticed all the specialty lighting they use? I decided right then and there that maybe I need some Funeral Home lighting installed in my house. If they could design lighting in a way in which makes dead folks look…well, live…what could they do for me? Wouldn’t my dear husband get all excited if I could get some lighting that made me look….um…well “really good”…. considering it makes the dead look live (well, at least less DEAD)? I am thinking I need to only go to places with Funeral Home lighting just to be safe. I could call ahead and inquire as to the available lighting quality just to make sure whenever I plan to go somewhere. Maybe, I could design a special parasol (yes, as a Belle, I think I might be able to get away with a parasol) with that lighting installed which would reflect that special Funeral Home magic on me no matter where I might go???

Anyway…funerals are big stuff in the South. There is even a really cute book to help out anyone who might not have been "raised" quite right so they will be able to meet the particular social challenges that a “passing” in the South presents, it even includes recipes for some of the best funeral foods you have every tasted (yes…funeral food): Being Dead is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral by Charlotte Hays.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 231st Birthday America!!!

"But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it—he will be blessed in what he does."

James 1:25

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dressed for the 4th....

More from my walk.....
I think it is time for a BBQ on the lawn!

This is one of my favorite houses in town. It is a converted schoolhouse! AND, if you are interested it is for SALE!

Decked out and ready to shout!

Some more photos from my walk, hope you enjoy....

Preparing to Celebrate...

Flags welcome you to downtown!

Yes, this is a Patriotism Tree right in downtown...it has Red,White, Blue and, of course, yellow ribbons to remember all our brave souls who are serving our nation.

Flags and Coca-Cola, nuttin' better!

I saw this cute, but simple decoration sitting on the wall behind a condo and it just made me happy.

Monday, July 02, 2007

July and Patriotism

Last night, as I was walking through town I thought about how the lovely town that I live in has a wonderous sense of patriotism, in a traditional sense. We don't just wait for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans, Flag Day, etc. to fly the flag. There is a deep seated love of this nation and what it stand for that seeps into the pores of those who live here. But give us a traditionally patriotic holiday and you will see some preparation for the celebration to be sure...maybe we just like to celebrate? I snapped these photos and hope they help you get in the spirit of celebration for the blessing that this nation is! These are everyday signs of love for America...please check back for the shots I took of the homes that are decked out for the celebration!