Thursday, March 22, 2007

My number must have come up this week...

Now y'all remember that on Tuesday my car DIED on me. It has been in the shop and as of yesterday afternoon the mechanic could not get it to "act up" for him (geez). DH told him to keep it a few days and see what happens.

Well, low and behold, this morning I was driving the MomVan to take the kids to school and guess what???? It starts having an identitiy crisis and starts squealing and smoking like some hopped up teenie bopper. Yes, you are reading that right...I have 2 seperate vehicles that have broken down on me in a 2 day period! NOW, how many folks can lay claim to that, I ask you???

When DH arrived on the scene to yet another of my car emergencies he calls over to the mechanic that has my car, and says we are going to just come pick it up and drive it until it "acts up" again. LOL You know what? It finally decided to "act up" yesterday afternoon and so they started taking it apart and it was still in pieces this morning!!! So, my car is in pieces and the MomVan is not doing much better. Our trusted mechanic doesn't work on the brand of van I have but he did give us a recommendation on where to take it. Yep, I have 2 vehicles in 2 different repair shops as we "talk".

Oh, is going to be an expensive week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seersucker and a Southern Mama's Heaven

Don't cha just love it? I found the cutest little, blue seersucker suit for DS2 . The only thing better would have been if it had been an Eton Suit in seersucker but since DS2 has a big brother Etons just don't fly around here anymore.

Outside of my complete love of little men (and big ones, for that matter) in seersucker, the best part is I found it, not at the "chi chi everything is just toooo cute but also toooooo expensive boutique", but at my favorite big,red box...Target! $19.99, I do love me a whole lotta Target. Now, I just have to find some white (or if I have to settle, tan) Bucks and he will be lookin' fine!

Now that I am thinking about it, I have to return something else I bought, so since I am going to be in there I should probably pick up the other adorable suit (again $19.99). It has a cute, cute, cute plaid jacket, yellow shirt and khaki pants;... since I will be there and all!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5 cows and 2 snakes

Today, after picking up DS#2 from preschool and stopping by the grocery store, I was heading home and enjoying the beautiful, sunny afternoon when my beloved car died. Yep, just kicked off right there as I rounded a curve.

Hmmmm, God was there too, as I was able to safely, roll right off the main road onto a little-traveled side road next to a pretty creek and a cow pasture. I do kind of wish that God had also kept the cell phone service in this picturesque locale but I won’t complain (much).

So, after getting my little man out of the car and locking it securely we were just getting ready to start walking up the road and along came the sweetest lady and her little boy. She stopped and asked if we needed help. Well, I am bit wary of strangers (and I think she probably was too but was taking a chance that if things went awry that she could probably take me and her little boy could probably take my DS since she was perched all high up her SUV and I was in my puny little dead car) so I ask if any chance she had cell phone service and she said she had left her cell phone at home but she could run home and get it. I actually just asked if she would please take my DH’s # and call him and tell him my car was DEAD and where I was…she said she would. Isn’t that just sweet? Especially since she was obviously heading out to do errands of her own with a child just the age to really pitch a fit when Mom turns around and heads back home without doing what she said she was going to do! She went back home and called my DH and then came back and let me know he was on his way. I thanked her profusely (and will definitely send her a thank you note!) and sent her on her way.

As I had just come from the grocery store I happen to have a flat of bottled water and it is baseball season so I had my trusty folding chairs in the trunk; I pulled those out and set them up under a shady tree and got DS#2 a water and he was happy as a lark. It also, so happened, that we were sitting in a patch of clover so we spent some time looking for 4 leaf clovers but didn’t have any luck with that (obviously luck wasn’t our thing this afternoon). We also walked over to the creek…actually we kind of went toward the little creek until, 1st, one snake plopped off a limb and into the water and then, 2nd, we saw another one slithering quickly to the creek…needless to say, we went back to our little chairs under our shady tree and watched the 5 cows in the pasture meandering their way to what I assume must have been lunch. DS#2 was just thrilled with this adventure and told me he was having a good time! I mean 5 cows, 2 snakes, water and a shady tree…how that could not be a good time to anyone is beyond me.

Of course, I tried cranking the car a couple of times to no avail but when DH arrived in short order he cranked it right up. Isn’t that just annoying??? He drove it on home and I drove his car. He did agree that it is running horribly and probably wouldn't even make it to the mechanic's so he called a tow truck to come pick it up and take it to our trusted mechanic (yes, we have a trusted mechanic!). So, I guess I am driving the MomVan for a few days.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring and Southerness

Am I Southern?

That is a question I do not ponder. It only took relocation to New York for my deeply southern genes to become blaringly dominant. I am reasonably well traveled an often have lost the feeling of being a Belle but when I actually became a tax paying resident of a non-southern state there was NO getting around it, and no matter how much I loved New York…I am, oh so, southern.

I wonder if growing up in the glow of televisions where people often have no regional identity, but rather an anonymous, politically correct “American” persona has caused us all to forget our lovely and wondrous cultural differences? When I was growing up I desperately worked to rid myself of my Southern accent. Now, I can actually work really hard and not sound Southern at all…but have gotten too old to work that hard for something I am not.

There is a dear young man that I grew up with, who has worked so very hard at losing his accent that he now possess that bizarre way of over enunciating that identifies him only with the culture of people who don’t fit in their skins. I often wonder if this dear, young man has super strong jaws due to the contortions he puts them through to sound that way. What I wouldn’t give to hear the lovely, comfortable, drawl he once had.

Sitting on my New York deck was never like sitting on my Southern front porch. The breeze in the north never reached out and hugged you the way the Georgia air does. It very well may slap you in January, but never embraces you like the humid, August air in the Southland. The heat and humidity is something we love to fuss about but it is comforting in its own way. It is just the way it is supposed to be.

My Southerness runs deep in my soul, so much so, that the raucous blooms of an azalea can bring tears to my eyes. I have been known to plan trips around when the azaleas will be in bloom. The arrival of spring in all its loud display can awaken my senses like nothing else. Maybe that is the gardener in me? I don’t remember feeling that same experience when I lived up north, though after the winters you would think spring would have been the ultimate celebration; but it still wasn’t spring in the South.